Raquel Edwards Studio

Encaustic Paintings


Commissions are available for customized artwork specifically for your home or office. Let's work together to create the perfect piece for your space.


Things to Consider

Where will the piece or pieces hang? Will the viewer be looking at the artwork up close, or is a larger piece more appropriate?

What is the lighting in the space (natural or artificial)?

What are the surrounding colors in the room?

What size will the artwork be?

What paintings in my portfolio are you drawn to? Is there a particular subject matter you like?

Do you want the piece framed or unframed?


Step One

Contact me to arrange an in-person or phone meeting. We'll begin by discussing what you envision for your home. Take a look at my online portfolio and write down the name of paintings that you are most interested in. Think about your color palette and if you want the piece to either harmonize with the room or make a statement.


Step Two

Once we have an idea of the subject and color palette, I'll put together a black and white sketch focusing on layout and composition. If changes are needed, we'll work together until we find the right composition for the format and size of the painting. A deposit of 50% will be due at this point.


Step Three

After we've found the right composition, the painting process will begin. Paintings generally take 8-10 weeks depending on size and my availability. I can give you a better time estimate once we've determined size and composition. I'll send you an update midway through the painting process with a photo of your piece in progress. Once the painting is completed, I will contact you to arrange to have the painting delivered or shipped. If you live in the Portland area, I'm happy to offer installation services. Final payment will be due upon delivery.