Raquel Edwards Studio

Encaustic Paintings


Following age-old methods, I make my own paints from beeswax, tree resin and dry pigment. I warm the paint to 200° on a heated palette and use brushes to apply layers of color onto primed birch panels. The finished paintings are composed of 20 to 30 layers, each one scraped down, then fused into the last with a torch.

I'm inspired by traditional Asian brush painting techniques and use custom inks and sumi brushes to create botanical elements that float in layers of luminescent color. The result is a contemporary spin on ancient techniques that creates works fusing tradition and innovation, abstraction and representation, East and West.


I grew up in the vast and scenic beauty of the Western US. The only child of a single mother, I spent my summers hiking, fishing, and horseback riding. At age 15, I purchased a camera with money earned from weekend jobs and began exploring my environment photographically.

I began to pursue the craft seriously in 1997, and spent more than a decade as a professional silver gelatin printmaker. Ultimately, I decided to turn away from the process because of its harmful environmental impact.

In 2009, I was awarded a RACC grant and began my transition to encaustic painting. Rooted in organic forms, botany, and Asian brush painting, my work continues to explore the quiet, simple beauty of the natural world.

I am represented by RiverSea Gallery in Astoria, and my work is included in numerous private and public collections throughout the US, including Kaiser Permanente, Swedish Medical Foundation, DelNor Community Hospital and Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Thanks for your interest!